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Musician and songwriter Nick Morgan is an established acoustic guitarist and vocalist based within Ayrshire. Whether it be you want to surprise your guests at a large scale event or small venue,  Nick will not disappoint. Nick will work closely with you to ensure that all your musical needs and expectations are met, including learning musical requests or performing alongside other musicians.


Nick delivers 100% commitment and applies his talents to a broad range of events and venues, including weddings, bars, restaurants, functions and small hires such as home and garden parties. Nick never falls short of delivering a vibrant atmosphere and delivers a wide range of musical genres, all of which are included within Nicks ever-expanding unique online 'Song List' and request page. Why not have a look just now at the 'Song List' page to see if your favourite songs are included. If not Nick would be more than happy to learn requests important to your special day, event or function. 


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